Wednesday, May 10, 2006

San Diego and Tijuana women debated on sex web site

By Brian Swarthmore

San Diego--As a native San Diegan, I get some of my information from respectable news sources like the Union Tribune,, and, of course,

"You can’t find good whores in San Diego anymore and the best looking and sleaziest women in T.J. hang out at two Tijuana clubs called the Chicago Club and Adelitas." But there is one website that provides news I can’t get elsewhere: News on sexual providers. It’s called and, true to its word, it provides reviews and commentaries on whores, sluts and prostitutes from around the world.

Naturally, there are sections on San Diego and Tijuana that give a good idea of the sex scene in both cities. In a nutshell: You can’t find good whores in San Diego anymore and the best looking and sleaziest women in T.J. hang out at two Tijuana clubs called the Chicago Club and Adelitas.

I’ve never actually tried any of the reader tips. Hey, you don’t have to be an athlete to read the sports pages, do you? Well, you don’t have to be an asshole to read about sport screwing.

A few glances at the various pages provide an illuminating world into literature that would surely please Charles Bukowski (who would prefer liquor to licking).

Here’s a recent posting from a man who calls himself “A Real Superman,” but I’m not sure that’s his real name. He wanted to hear about experiences at a San Diego massage parlor called Won’s, which he helpfully added was “on 32nd by the drug store.” His post:

“Anyone have anything redeeming to say before I relate my experience here?”

A man named “Jumper1” (again, probably not his real name) responded:

“Have been going to Won's off and on for about 5 years. Used to be a reasonable alternative to driving to Escondido if the traffic was bad. Not any more. Has gone to the dogs. Save your money and go elsewhere. Oops, forgot. Elsewhere is getting more and more difficult to find here in SD.”

“A Real Superman” relayed his encounter:

“Parked out back, rang bell. Mamasan let me in and collected 100 for an hour and body shampoo. Girl came in, said her name is Gina. Very lame table shower. Lame massage but I was not there for a massage. Flip over. Very lame hydraulics. ‘No’ on any other extras. Total waste of looks with no talent. The best part was when she asked for 60.00 tip. She got less. Talks way too much and not enough action. I won’t be back to Wons.”

“SDBigdogg88” (which, I must point out, is likely a pseudonym) replied:

“Well, you got the Won treatment. Gina is a chatterbox that likes to waste your time. She is basically lazy, if you allow her to be. If you let her run game on you, she will yak it up for about 40 minutes, all the while, doing something with her hands that in no way resembles a massage of any type that I've ever experienced anywhere on this planet. After about of 30 minutes of this bullshit, she'll get down to business and play with your buns and weenie, while trying to ferret out of you how much you are going to give her for whatever you want that's on the menu.

“Now I'm not going to hold anyone’s hand and tell them how to negotiate with a provider, that's for everyone to find out for themselves.

“Long and short of this, do not session with Gina for any reason. IMO it is a waste of time, effort, money and [bodily fluid].

“Instead, you want to ask for Yo Yo. She has a hot smokin little body, and attempts to give a half assed massage for me as I've seen her more than a few times and she is comfortable with knowing me.

“She's good in the rack, not lazy with the oral accomplishments, but kind of a sloppy box on her. Good effort on her part though. Just don't be a chump and pay them more than the session is worth for you.

“This place is not high on my list of places to go, since the mamasan is a real shark, but her and I speak the language on this subject, and have a mutual understanding of how things work in the universe.

“I recommend instead driving the half hour to Escondido, where you will usually have a better experience for the time in most cases. Plenty of prior posts on the Escondido providers to do your research on."

With friends like that….

I first started reading back in the 90s when I was traveling to third world countries to sample the local women. Now I’m either too mature or too broke to do that, so I get a vicarious thrill out of reading the paid-for sexploits of others.

But it’s not the sex stories that keep me coming back, it’s the philosophical discussions. For instance, there is a big debate on the Philippines section of the website on whether you should actually take a whore out to dinner after sex.

Some guys feel it makes it seem less seedy while other guys think it’s just a waste of time. One guy even felt compelled to point out that the standard of living is so low for hookers in Angeles City that they may feel uncomfortable if you take them to a place like McDonalds, which is considered fancy eats in underdeveloped parts of the world.

Also, back in late 2001, when the U.S. was reacting to 9/11, some WSG readers discussed whether it was patriotic to visit the Trophy Lounge in National City, which allegedly attracts a lot of “West Pac widows,” Navy wives who cheat on their hubbies when they’re at sea.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that the majority of people chiming in felt it was quite appropriate to have sex with the women, especially because most of them were ex-bar girls from Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Currently, the big debate on the TJ page is which race or culture of women are the best in bed. A man named “TJ Time” spoke for many when he wrote, “Mexican chicas rock! Speak a little Spanish to them buy 2-3 drinks (if you are in a bar). Smooth skin about 19! Cute face & perky tits & they love to talk dirty too! In Spanish... Give a few sexy compliments you will be [action], [action] & if you ask given a nice massage. All depending on your budget! I live in San Diego. Depending on my mood & budget for the evening I can have a full day of food beers & bitches for $100. But that's a cheap night! For everything! Food, beers, strippers, & laid.”

Taken and noted. Now, if you don’t mind. I need to take a hot shower. By myself.


Brian Swarthmore is an opinionated crank with an axe to grind.
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