Monday, August 20, 2007

Lim bans street basketball in Manila

By Tina Santos - Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines -- Playing basketball in the middle of the street is no longer allowed in the City of Manila.

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim the other day directed the city’s department of public services to order the officials of all barangays to immediately remove basketball courts set up in the middle of streets or major thoroughfares.

The move, the mayor said, was prompted by complaints from motorists about streets that have become impassable due to people playing basketball.

At times, he added, motorists who insisted on passing through the street ended up fighting with the players.

According to Lim, motorists should be able to move freely through the city’s streets and thoroughfares.

He pointed that there are sports complexes in Manila which the public can use for various kinds of sports.

Playing on the streets, he added, can be dangerous not only to motorists, but to the players as well.

“If someone is playing basketball on the road and he runs after the ball, he could get hit by a passing car,” Lim said.

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