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No to Coal Plant in Subic Bay

Welcome to No to Coal Plant in Subic Bay

NO TO COAL PLANT IN SUBIC BAY is a page group of environmental and renewable energy advocates. We seized the opportunity and leverage the power of social network in particular and social media in general to reach out individual friends and groups of people locally and globally, and develop a determined and strong protest campaign against the construction of COAL-FIRED THERMAL POWER PLANT IN SUBIC BAY.

We aspire for an environment-friendly alternative to generate energy and work collectively for a better world, where all communities are healthy and safe, and where abundance of the earth is preserved for all the generations to come.

Feel free to post on our wall, make any comments, suggestions or questions you may have. The page administrator and /or group members will respond accordingly.

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  • No to Coal Plant in Subic Bay

    War to save the environment will never be over.

    In case members of this No to Coal Plant in Subic Bay group does not know it yet, Zambales is hosting one of the dirtiest coal plant in existence. This is one concrete example of a war which was lost and leaders surrendered. Because if they haven't, then the Provincial Board and the Governor have so much ammunition at their disposal such as:

    1. Pass a resolution to stop its operation.
    2. Block all roads leading to the plant to stop its operation.
    3. Cut utilities and supplies going to the plant to weaken their resolve to continue.
    4. Like the good Rev. Father Shay Cullen did, the true leaders can tie themselves on the gates of the plant to block vehicles and workers from going to and from the plant.
    5. Supporters can lay or encamp on the grounds leading to the plant to block the facility.
    6. Ask the court that the plant's operation is illegal for the court to stop its operation.
    7. Stage a protest rally in the gates of malacanang palace to force PNoy to surrender
    8. do the same at the DENR office and the EMB to retract
    9. and so on and so forth

    There are really a hundred ways to stop the coal plant in Subic but are we really that serious or this group is another all talk no act group that like most mortals has all the ideas but none of the courage and the true dedication to the cause that is willing to sacrifice and fight it to its end.

    Baka naman mabibilang lang sa daliri ang tunay dito at karamihan ay nakiki angkas lamang?

    Sa totoo lamang, kung talagang ayaw ng zambales ang coal plant, dapat sanay di nila tinatanggap ang real property tax at iba pang donations at funding na ibinibigay nito sa kanila, hayag man ito o patago sa mga naka-upong pulitiko.

    Simulan po nyo para makita natin kung susunod nga ang mga tao.... o baka magulat po kayo na ang totoo.... wala pong pakialam ang mga tao sa pinag uusapan natin, sapagkat pagkain pa lamang nila sa araw araw ay di na nila mapagtagumpayan... bakit pa nga ba sila makikigulo sa usaping ito.

    Nagpapaka totoo lamang po.

    Baka kasi katulad ng laban natin sa pagsira ng mga corals nang gawin ang new container terminal sa cubi at ang no to pampanga garbage, pag kailangan mobilization ng tao, bumabahag na ang buntot at kadalasan ay umiiral ang katamaran kaya naiiwan sa ere ang mga pursigido.

    At sana po pag ganitong may nagsasabi ng saloobin patungkol sa nasabing usapin ay wag po natin masamain, tignan po natin itong isang paghamon sa ating kakayahan at tunay na intensyon. Wag po personalin sapagkat magkakakampi po tayo dito at iisa ang ating hangarin na mapabuti ang ating bayan at bigyan ng maaliwalas na bukas ang ating mga anak.

    Wag po sana kayong panghinaan ng loob sa ilang katotohanan naturan sa lathalaing ito, kung buo na po ang ating hanay, palakasin itong tunay, at lumaban ng buong tapang upang makamit ang tagumpay.

    Isigaw ng nagkakaisa at buong lakas... No to Coal Plant in Subic Bay!

    we have been to so many fights againts the past... pinatubo, base pull out, edsa 1 & 2, battle of 229, cubi port etc.. our fights are agaist goliath (yes many times against the president like this coal fight), and yes we won some and lost many times. I would be very happy if this group can even equal the resolve we had in those fights.

    a mere black ribbon, signature campaign, petition, march ( which will have very low turn-out i am sure ) will make us win this one, only the pulitikos will benifit from it i am telling you! in fact as we start the blockade and extra legal means to win this one, wou will start noticing the pulitikos inching away and making themselves safe from harm and legal proglems.

    I am just giving you the truth about this fight and if you still want it.... then magkita kita tayo sa harap ng building 229 at araw araw nating kalampagin ang pamunoan ng sbma. maging matapang na makita ang inyong mga larawan na nakapaskil sa mga dyaryo at lalo na sa internet. dumikit sa mga pulitiko para pag nasa kagipitan na ng laban ay mapansin nyong wala na sila sa tabi nyo.

    Kaibigan.... handa ka ba talaga sa laban o naglalaro ka lamang?

    wag mong punahin at sirain ang mga katulad kong nagsasabi lamang ng pawang katotohanan.

    kakampi mo ako at ako ang tunay na handang mamatay upang ipaglaban ang ating mga anak.

    ang tanong.... sasamahan mo ba ako hanggang sa hukay o panay porma ka na lamang at maninira ng kapwa mo upang ikaw ang sikat?

    mag post ang mga sasama sa harap ng building 229 sa lunes ng umaga .... pag umabot ito ng isang daan katao at dumating ang mga tao dito sa group ng di bababa sa 80% ibig sabihin mukha ngang totoo tayo dito. maghanda sa isang linggong paunang pakikibaka!

    salamat sa pagmamahal nyo sa kalikasan

    mabuhay po tayong lahat!
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  • Greenpeace is proposing that government immediately draws up plans for the massive deployment in Mindanao of renewable energy projects, which are increasingly becoming more cost-effective and more reliable, compared to fossil fuels. According to the Greenpeace report, “The Philippine Energy [R]evolution Roadmap to 2020”, as much as 80 percent of the energy requirements in Mindanao by 2020 can be met by renewable energy sources, such as wind, geothermal and solar, which are abundant in the area.
    Greenpeace, together with Mindanao-based groups, today challenged President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to scrap current energy plans for Mindanao and “start from scratch.” The environment watchdog laments that solutions put forth to meet the growing energy requirements in Mindanao rely mostly on n...
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    RP Energy Admits:

    “Tectonic features of Philippine archipelago indicate that the Manila trench is found west of the proposed project site. A north-south trending belt of volcanoes, which include Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Natib and Mount Mariveles are found east of the proposed project site. Recently, PHIVOLCS has declared Mount Natib as a potential active volcano, while the east Zambales Fault, which separates the mountain range of Zambales from the Central Luzon Basin, has been declared as an active volcano.”

    “Moderate seismic activity has been detected in the area since the project site is near three prominent seismic faults as published by PHIVOLCS. These are the Iba Fault situated north of Subic, the East Zambales Fault parallel to Zambales Coast line and the Philippine Fault Zone.”
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  • maybe they can do it in other place but not in SBMA.Bataan is not bad too?.I don't know also especially if theres a lot of earthquake in our place if this will not damaged the invironment.
    Animation of how a coal power station works
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      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert Electricity is a problem in Olongapo too.I will look for more in google and in internet.People need to google more before marching on the street at least they know for sure what they were doing.And look other countries for the typhoons and earthquakes we had if theres a problems that wont damaged the invironment and who can guarantee to clean up the mess.
        7 hours ago ·
      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert if its like this then forget it for sure they need to used the next country around.Hehe..
        7 hours ago ·
      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert If its like this for sure in some years the nice beaches we had they will looks like a black sea.
        7 hours ago ·
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  • ‎"" NO TO COAL PLANT IN SUBIC BAY "" AS OF 12:15AM AUGUST.19 2011 TOTAL MEMBERS 1,344. PLEASE ADD ALL YOUR FRIENDS! LETS SAVE OUR just 14hrs we had additional 50 new members! Please keep adding your friends!!!
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  • ‎- We have been talking, blogging and have been exchanging views against the COAL PLANT CONSTRUCTION in SUBIC...the sad reality is that NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN..... there were those who have opposed the project since 2006 but are now turning there back on fear of ENERGY CRISIS???? and on the CLAIM that its a lossing battle to against a well researched legal team of Aboitiz, MEralco and Taiwan COGEN...See More
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      • Greeneration Phils I second the motion.
        9 hours ago ·
        9 hours ago · · 2 people
      • Francis Mercado Heroes March.......
        9 hours ago ·
      • Greeneration Phils Sa calendar, Aug 30, tuesday, ang nat'l heroes day. Pero any day will do. street parliamentarians, let's volt-in. KALAMPAGIN ANG SBMA board!. PALAYASIN ANG RP ENERGY!
        9 hours ago ·
      • Maya Sarne mag martsa na sa kalsada!!
        9 hours ago · · 1 person
      • Erwin Robles Guce ituloy na ang martsa at ipakita sa mga kinauukulan na ang buong olongapo, subic at zambales ay ayaw na ng coal plant!!
        9 hours ago ·
      • Dan Aratea Gonzales Akala ko nga may rally last Monday, naka-usap ko kc yong taga GMA na taga Gapo, di daw natuloy...di nya alam reason why.
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      • Dan Aratea Gonzales nagawa nga natin patigil yong sa garbage, kaya din natin yan...
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      • Greeneration Phils May i strongly suggest, aug 30, tuesday, BIG RALLY to DENR national ofc in quezon city, if possible at least 1 bus contingent per town buong zambales. Baka pwedeng humingi ng necessary support and coordination with Greenpeace Philippines for national and international media projection.
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      • Greeneration Phils Our call to action: SCRAP ECC!
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      • Romi Lentos Simulan na ang laban! nahuli na tayong tunay, dalhin na sa kalsada, sa harap ng 229, sa harap ng coal plant sa masinloc, sa daan patungo sa subic coal plant ang usapin.... marami na tayong napag usapan dito at nalillibang na tayo sa kape facebook... ang tunay na laban ay nasa kalye kaibigan
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  • You know I get so weary from the battles in this life
    And as many times it seems that you're the only hope in sight
    Is it mine, oh Lord, is it mine?

    When everything's dark
    ...See More
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      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert
        Most of my family,friends,neighbors,relatives,friends,schoolmates are now in America and thanks for that base and mostly long time workers who worked for them they gave them priviliged to immigrate in America.As well as some short workers o...See More
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      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert
        I admire Gordon,to all of his fighting spirit.Its shameful that no one likes him there who can really depend the people of Olongapo.Nor do things that he did as Olongapo residence.His family did a lot of good things and i think one reason t...See More
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      • Carmencita Menchu Gilbert
        I got so emotional whenever i think of that place.For also the Irish Priest who kepts on showing videos around Europe just because of the money and popularity that he wants for himself.Olongapo for them is like bussiness where they know the...See More
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  • I am not surprised that this proposal for a Subic coal plant is like the mythical hydra, you cut one head it becomes bigger and stronger. Why? Because oligarchs are behind this. Danding Cojuangco's San Miguel Power is one of the proponents. He bankrolled his nephews campaign last elections right? Let us see what happens...
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