Friday, March 04, 2005

Calimlims character reference

From: Angelito Banayo

Let me tell you guys something about this Calimlim.
In 1998, right after the elections, he found ways to cozy up to Erap. Through affinity by long lost relatives, he suddenly became an Erap "relation".
Days after the inauguration, lo and behold, Erap retained him as his chief bodyguard! Later of course, he became the AFP intelligence chief.
Surprised, we one day asked Erap why he was so trusting of Calimlim, who was FVR's PSG chief. His answer was classic --- "Atin 'yan. Maski nung kampanya, binibigyan tayo ng inside info".

See the guy's character?
Later, while visiting the Pangarap area on the other side of the stinking Pasig, Erap playfully pointed to what looked like a "secret" room with a well-concealed
door. "Tinuro sa akin ito ni Calimlim - dito nagdadala ng "chicks" si FVR".
See what I mean?
Now he's in Subic, supervising the release of smuggled goods that are "allowed" and the confiscation of those that do not "pay the price".
Wait till things go really sour for GMA and her cohorts. Calimlim will, as sure as night turns into day, be "spying" for the other camp.
Who knows, the foolish Erap will still trust him, just as he has forgiven Angelo Reyes, trusts Nene Pimentel and others.
The story of our lives.
Double-dealing, chicanery, hypocrisy, and toadying up always pays.
Character? That's for stupid idealists and egotists who cling to principles like us.
In this country, crime pays, and how!

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