Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Battle for SBMA Chairmanship heats on

Gordon denies hand in Arreza’s appointment

By PATRICIA ESTEVES, The Manila Times Reporter

Administration Sen. Richard Gordon said the Magsaysays of Zambales are lobbying to clinch the chairmanship of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

Last week Francisco Licuanan has quit his position amid rumors that he was let go by President Arroyo in exchange for the support of Senator Gordon to stave off the impeachment complaint against her.

Earlier, Sen. Joker Arroyo accused Gordon of trading off his vote in the impeachment in exchange for the appointment of Armand Arreza, his protégé, as a replacement for SBMA Administrator Alfredo Antonio. Gordon has denied allegations.

Gordon maintained that he has no vested interests in Subic and if there are people who are interested in the post, these are the Magsaysays.

Gordon said his sources told him that the Magsaysays’ are going to put up their own people in Subic.

"I first heard that it would be Jose Vicente Magsaysay, who wants to clinch the position. And now I heard it is going to be Zambales Governor Vic Magsaysay, who wants to take over. I understand that they are lobbying," Gordon said at a press conference.

Besides Vic and son JV Magsaysay, Gordon said Congress-woman Mitos Magsaysay, JV Magsaysay’s wife, Tony Diaz and another cousin, AVE Party-list Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay are lobbying for the SBMA chairmanship.

Gordon added that he received information that former congressman Rene Diaz also wants to be SBMA chairman.

Gordon cited that the Magsaysays have all the reason to pressure the President and give them "priority positions."

Asked why the Magsaysays were interested in coveting the position, Gordon said it was probably because they own a firm involved in selling of cars.

"I know that they have a car business, and they own the Subic Bay Motors," Gordon said, noting that smuggling in Subic has become so rampant in the last seven years and that the illegal activity has robbed Subic of investments.

Gordon defended Arreza’s appointment, saying Arreza is highly qualified.

"The appointment of Mr. Arreza should be inspirational. He has come full circle. You can’t say Arreza is not qualified because if he is not then he cannot be accepted in Wharton," Gordon said.

"I hope the President will stick to her guns in appointing Arreza."
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