Tuesday, August 23, 2005


by Mayor James “Bong” Gordon, Jr.
2001 - 2010

A brief summary/description of existing and projected needs for infrastructure facilities in Olongapo City.


The City of Olongapo is serviced by a piped water supply system with water sources located along Cabalan River and Mabayuan River. The system is inadequate to meet the increasing water chemical.

The water supply and sewerage services for the Subic Bay Freeport and Olongapo City has been contracted to a private consortium headed by the international water company BIWATER. It is supposed to develop water sources in the Pamatawan aquifer in San Antonio and construct a major transmission pipeline along the San Marcelino-Olongapo highway to bring water to consumers in Olongapo and the SBF. The water system expansion will be implemented under the World Bank Loan No. 2 to SBMA.


No public collection is being made from industries and factories. There is however regular collection of solid waste generated in Olongapo. Disposal is at the dumpsite in the New Cabalan area. Solid waste collection and handling is managed by the Environment Sanitation Center jointly serving the Freeport and Olongapo City. Improvements in the system covering both SBF and Olongapo is included in the Subic II Project to be financed by Japan Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF).


The City’s Public Utility Department (PUD) operates the power distribution system in Olongapo. The core of the system is 30-40 years old and at the end of its useful life.

The feeders are overloaded resulting in voltage regulation problems and excessive system losses. Lack of spare parts have resulted in the system being technically inadequate with the growing risk of serious supply failures in large areas of the City.

Metering, billing and collection is inadequate, resulting in non-technical losses amounting to an unsatisfactorily high level of 15-20%.

The rehabilitation of the power supply system will be implemented under the World Bank Loan No. 2 to SBMA.


There is no existing sanitary sewerage system in Olongapo.

There is no implementation of sewerage systems scheduled for the medium term period until year 2002. A first phase is scheduled to be complete in year 2004. This first phase of Olongapo’s sewerage system is proposed to be an interceptor sewer along Kalaklan River and Sta. Rita River intercepting the dry weather flow from the existing drainage systems with discharge to the rivers. This interceptor sewer will be constructed at an estimated cost of P 110.0M and connected to the planned primary treatment at the central area of the DBF.

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