Thursday, October 20, 2005

Candaba's migratory birds are flu-free

CLARK ZONE: Mayor Jerry Pelayo of Candaba, Pampanga, on Thursday assured that the 8,000 migratory birds which have begun swarming to his town have so far been free of avian-influenza virus.

Pelayo said that under “Oplan Iwas Bird Flu” they have already established quarantine centers and a mobile laboratory to monitor possible bird-flu virus in the area.

Personnel of the Department of Health, the Philippine National Police, the Department of Agriculture and Barangay councils man the quarantine centers.

He also said that checkpoints have been set up in key areas in Candaba to monitor the transport of live poultry products to possible prevent bird-flu infections.

There have been no specific findings yet that migratory birds carry the virus.

Pelayo warned that smuggled birds from Indonesia such as lovebirds are susceptible to bird-flu virus.

He said that a nationwide caravan supported by sectoral organizations would generate awareness on the prevention of the virus in the country.

Candaba swamps have become a tourist attraction because of the migration of birds from other countries every year. Pelayo noted, “Candaba is only one of the 24 migratory sites in the country.” Migratory birds come mostly come from China, Siberia, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and Japan

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