Monday, September 11, 2006

PGMA training-for-work scholarship program now in full swing in Region 8

The PGMA Training for Work Scholarship Program is now in full swing in Region 8 through the TESDA Region 8 headed by Regional Director Juan M. Sabulao Jr.

TESDA 8, during the latest episode of PIA Panindugan, disclosed that todate, there are already more than two hundred scholars training under the PGMA Training for work Scholarship Program. A total of one hundred sixteen (116) are training as call center agents, 50 scholars are training for the fist level welding, 21 scholars are in the second level of welding training, 15 are training in slaughtering and 20 are training are Technical Vocational Trainors.

The call center agents will be ready for employment as a call center company has already decided to locate in Leyte. The welders will be hired at the Henjen shipbuilding company in Subic while the butchers who are training in slaughtering are required in Australia.

One of the guests of Panindugan was Radel M. Llauderes from Pinabacdao, Samar who is training in the gas metal arch welding course. After his training, he will already be ready for hiring at the shipbuilding company in Subic. Radel who also sings well is known as the singing welder.

He said he is grateful to President Arroyo and TESDA because he never dreamed that he will be able to come to Tacloban to train, much more to have the chance to be employed in Subic. He said he was called by TESDA in Samar and he was made to undergo competency assessment. Then he was surprised when he was told that he will be trained through the scholarship of President Arroyo so that he will be ready for employment in Subic.

The PGMA Training for Work Scholarship Program was launched by President Arroyo in May of 2006 as tribute to the Filipino worker who needs more training in order to be employed. This program which is being implemented nationwide through the TESDA is hoped to make possible employment for Filipino workers.

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