Friday, December 22, 2006

Ship Builder’s Song

Ship Builder’s Song (Yellow Submarine)

In a place, called Subic Bay
Where ship builders, are the best!
A company, that builds big ships
Made the welders, busy as bees
Its called Hanjin, and its bigtime
It made our future, sunny and bright

Chorus (2X)
We all work here
To build the biggest ships - 3x

Work start early, the day is long
Metals are heavy, welders a plenty
We can do the toughest jobs
Safety and quality, are first in our minds


To the world, we want to say . . .
The world’s best welders,
Are here to stay!

YELL: O-L-O-N-G-A-P-O Olongapo (2x)
Olongapo City . . . Mabuhay

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