Monday, September 03, 2007

sctex interchange

The Advocacy for Central Luzon has gained headway in its most notable campaigns.

After successfully stirring multi-sectoral attention on the foul odors emanating from pig farms in Sta. Cruz, Porac, it is accomplishing a larger-than-life feat in pushing for the most viable location of the Angeles Interchange of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway.

With combined wits, primarily made up of the dashing and debonair birthday boy Rene Romero (a.k.a poster boy) and gentleman par excellence Renato “Abong” Tayag, ADCL has the best proposal as to where the interchange should really be constructed. It’s between Manuali, Porac and Cuayan, Angeles City.

This will not only save the government millions of pesos from building new access roads and resolving right-of-way problems that might just arise in other suggested areas, but the proposed location will benefit hundreds of SMEs that are in the vicinity of Angeles City, Porac, Bacolor and San Fernando. It is also the most accessible route by motorists that are coming from these areas. Both the DPWH and the BCDA are taking a serious look at this proposal. From all looks and angles, this has got to be the most practical, feasible and viable location for the interchange so far.

There might be other proposals by SCAD Chair and Sec, Edgardo Pamintuan and Cong. Carmelo Lazatin who are also o their toes to have the interchange built, but still, the media circles have to be briefed on their feasibilities.

As it is right now, the ADCL is actively responding to achieve President Arroyo’s wish to have that interchange. And it has gone farther than merely pinpointing that location, ADCL has also come up with appropriate studies and staff work.

* * * * *

The decision for the location of the interchange is not a contentious issue. It’s a non-issue at all.

The Angeles City Council, which first called on the BCDA to build an interchange in the city in June 2006 through a resolution authored by Councilor Jay Sangil, might just have to accept that ADCL’s proposal is full of merits.

Sangil, who recently made a privilege speech to thank PGMA for her directive, has also sponsored a resolution to express the appreciation of the Angelenos to the Chief Executive. The good councilor, also chairman of City Council’s infrastructure committee, may also reconsider earlier proposal to have the interchange somewhere else.

* * * * *

During ADCL’s birthday bash for Robin, (er, Rene) the boy wonder, Abong Tayag opened his home to select friends and cause-sharing people. It was a simple celebration but was not, nevertheless, devoid of the best chit-chats and coffee table talks by some esteemed members of society that make things happen here in Metro Clark.

Of course, a celebration tendered by the former CDC director and mayoral candidate would not be complete without his own brand Mother Earth meat products. I have never tasted make-your-own burgers and spare ribs to be that good. My pockets could sometimes spare extra bucks for quality meat, but Mother Earth products definitely have the edge over those I have tried with its juicy, tender, prime and export quality properties.

A revelation to some that I got to try (and savor with gusto) for the first time, probably.

But to me it was worth the discovery.
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