Monday, December 17, 2007

207 of 236 solons back English as medium of instruction

207 of 236 solons back English as medium of instruction

By Christian V. Esguerra - Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines--A BILL SEEKING to reinstate English as the medium of instruction in Philippine schools is gathering steam at the House of Representatives.

The so-called “English Bill” of Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas has attracted 206 coauthors, a number its principal proponent said all but assured its passage. There are 236 congressmen.

As House Bill No. 305, it seeks to supersede the government’s existing “bilingual” policy, which allows the use of English and Filipino as the mediums of instruction.

The bill instead assigns English as the sole medium from Grade 3 to fourth year high school, while keeping the current language policy for college students.

Under the measure, schools will be given the option of using English, Filipino or a regional language to teach subjects from preschool to Grade 2.

It also prescribes the teaching of English and Filipino as separate subjects throughout elementary and high school, while seeking to “enliven” English as the “language of interaction in schools.”

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