Thursday, July 14, 2005

Olongapo City Ordinances/Resolutions for Children Welfare

Olongapo City Ordinances/Resolutions for Children Welfare

Declaring Olongapo City as Child Friendly City

Resolution No. 17, series of 1996

Instructing City General Hospital Administrator to extend free medical services street children

City Memorandum, 1998

A resolution authorizing the Hon. City Mayor Katherine H. Gordon to enter into MOA between the City Govenrment of Olongapo and the DILG pertaining to the construction of Social Development Center at Mulawin, Old Cabalan, to be funded by the DILG amount to P2.3 Million with 25% counterpart by the City

City Ordinance No. 103 series of 1997

Requiring the 17 barangays to identify and reserve for ecological projects purposes at leat 10% of tehir respective land areas belonging to the public domain

City Ordinance No. 21, series of 1996

Pledging commitment and support to the implementation of the convention on the Rights of the Child

Resolution No. 42 series of 1990

Repealing Ordinance No. 88 series of 1975 re: Prohibiting proprietors, owners, operators, or managers of billiar halls to allow minors to stay, loiter or play in billiard halls without the presence of their parents, guardians during weekdays and school hours and providing penalties thereof

City Ordinance No. 12, series of 1999

Further amending Ordinance No.7, series of 1980 as amended (re: curfew on by minors) by adding new section thereto and/or deleting from or revising certain provisions in these said ordinance

City Ordinance No. 44, series of 1998

Banning th sale of certain types of toy gunds in Olongapo City for other purposes

City Ordinance No. 43, series of 1997

Appropriating the sum of P165,000.00 as counterpart fund of the city for the care and subsistence allowance of the committed workers of the DSWD center

City Ordinance No. 43, series of 1996

Amending Section 3 of Ordinance No. 46 series of 1995 re: prohibition on the consumption of and or selling and serving of alcoholic beverages and intoxicating liquors to person below 18 years od age in saloons, bars, etc.

City Ordinance No. 50 series of 1995

Prohibiting a person below 18 years of age to drink alcoholic beverages and intoxicating liquorsm in any saloon, bar, inn, café, restaurant and similar establishments or in any public place and for other purposes

City Ordinance No. 46, series of 1995

Amending certain sections of ordinance No. 7 series of 1980 re: curfew hours on minors

City Ordinance No. 22, series of 1995

Organizing the City Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC)

Executive Oder No. 22, series of 1998

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