Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sun Star Editorial: Biting back

IF ONE has been threatened, it's a natural reaction to bite back. If you or anyone else have found a single new policy detrimental to the whole, there's no reason to be complacent about it. If one is capable of doing something to counteract what is found to be questionable, then by all means.

This can be likened to the issue of the exorbitant increase in zonal valuations in the City of San Fernando. The new land valuation, according to businessmen in the city, is "detrimental to the realty business and eventually to the economic flow of the city."

Properties along Gapan-San Fernando-Olongapo Road, after having been pegged at P50,000 per square meter drew surprised gasps from traders, as well as city and provincial officials.

They were simply flabbergasted that all they had to say among themselves was, "It's too much."

Too much, indeed, especially after Governor Mark Lapid's request to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to reconsider the revised zonal values being implemented has been turned down.

The governor has been told: "...this Office finds no grounds to void what has been officially approved."

Tsk, tsk.

Now, businessmen are contemplating on filing for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the BIR from implementing the new zonal valuation.

We cannot blame them for resorting to a TRO, for a lot is at stake with this increase in zonal valuations. This is their way of biting back, for they -- and their businesses -- have been threatened.

What BIR officials have to say about this, we have yet to find out, but it seems they are adamant about implementing the new rates.

Well then, if they are intent on doing what they think is right, the same goes with the city's traders who somehow feel "cheated". It's TRO or nothing.

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