Friday, April 01, 2005


With President Arroyo's signing of the Dual Citizenship bill, Filipinos the world over can once again re-acquire their Philippine citizenship. What will this mean and what long-term repercussions this will have on the country is anyone's guess at this point. There are obvious advantages to regaining your Philippine citizenship--the ability to vote, run for public office and own property in the Philippines are the main ones. 

And there can be a few disadvantages in the minds of former Filipinos as well! For those who have become citizens of stable "first-world" democracies, there can be some apprehension in re-acquiring citizenship of a country that is--at the very least--perceived to be rife with corruption and instability. Will they be subject to the whims of corrupt public servants? Might they be taken to court on trumped-up charges and then have to defend themselves in courts where bribed judges preside? 

For many former Filipinos, there are serious questions that they will be asking themselves before they take that oath of allegiance to become Filipinos again. 

For the most part, the ball is in the hands of the Philippine government. Prove to your former citizens that the advantages of re-acquiring Philippine Citizenship far outweigh any disadvantages (perceived or otherwise) and you will open the floodgates of well-trained, economically powerful, and highly motivated Pinoys who will want to become Filipinos again. And they will be a real asset to the country

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