Friday, April 22, 2005

Executive Order on ID system for govt workers out

Malacañan on Thursday released Executive Order 420 directing the adoption of the ID system in all government agencies, DZMM reported.

Correspondent Izza Reniva Cruz reported that the EO was signed on April 13 and copies of the order were distributed to palace reporters Thursday afternoon.

The EO calls for the streamlining and integration of the ID system in all government agencies and government-owned and -controlled corporations.

Palace officials said Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Romulo Neri has been ordered to implement the EO.

The ID system will be effective within 60 days upon the release of the order.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita earlier said the EO would use the information already available to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Commission on Elections and the National Statistics Office (NSO) and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. as data base for the ID system.

Malacañan said the release of the EO was delayed due to legal issues that have yet to be resolved.

Ermita said the Palace’s position is that the President can implement the national ID system through an EO without the need for a law to be passed by Congress.

Still, Ermita said, the President wants the legal arguments for this position exhausted to prevent any challenge to the EO.

Neri said that so far 10 legal issues have been cleared already.

The President earlier said she did not want the ID project to suffer the fate of former President Fidel Ramos’ EO 108 on the national ID system which was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1997.

Ermita said no law emanating from Congress is needed since the EO will only unify the existing ID systems of the various government agencies.

Based on Neri's recommendation, a permanent reference number will be issued to every state worker to be imprinted on his ID card.

Neri said the individual reference numbers will be issued by the National Statistics Office, an agency under the NEDA, which is the official repository of birth records of all citizens.

The ID system will contain the name, address, sex, picture, signature, place of birth, date of birth, marital status, name of parents, height, weight, two index fingers and two thumb marks, any prominent distinguishing marks like moles, and the tax identification number

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