Thursday, May 19, 2005

3 'jueteng' men tag Mike Arroyo, son

MYSTERY whistle-blower tells all including the names of the biggest beneficiaries.

Lacson: Witnesses to testify in Senate

By Norman Bordadora, Juliet Labog-Javellana
Inquirer News Service

Editor's Note: Published on page A1 of the May 19, 2005 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

FOUR "jueteng" operators will give what Senator Panfilo Lacson has described as "very explosive testimony" at the Senate investigation on the operations of the illegal numbers game.

"It will open a can of worms," Lacson said of the "witnesses" whom he declined to name pending their appearance at the Senate inquiry. He said the witnesses would testify on people in "high places" who were on the take.

But the Inquirer was able to speak with three persons -- two supposed "bagmen" and a jueteng operator -- who claimed to have given or collected protection money for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's husband, lawyer Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo, and their elder son, Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo. The interviews took place in a hotel in Manila.

The three have submitted affidavits to bolster their accusations and are preparing to testify at the joint inquiry of the Senate committees on games and on public order. There is a fourth witness, a woman.

A 46-year-old man from Legazpi City in Albay province said he served as bagman for former presidential assistant on Bicol affairs Mario K. Espinosa, whom Mike Arroyo had allegedly given the "blessing" to collect money from jueteng lords in Bicol.

The bagman (or B1) told the Inquirer that he started collecting for Espinosa in April last year, or a month before the May 2004 presidential election.

B1 also said Espinosa, who was his next-door neighbor, assigned him to collect the money.

Monthly allowance

A former bagman in Central Luzon (or B2) also told the Inquirer that before he became congressman, Mikey Arroyo received P500,000 from jueteng lords in the region and was now receiving "a monthly allowance."

B2, who said he used to collect from jueteng operators in Central Luzon for distribution to national and regional officials, claimed that Mikey Arroyo asked for P500,000 from regional jueteng operators in 2002 through a certain Tonton, allegedly a son of Bataan Governor Pablo Roman.

"The governor even issued a check in the amount of P500,000 to supposedly cover Mikey's advance take," B2 said and showed a Bank of Philippine Islands check dated Jan. 24, 2003.

Asked if he had tried cashing the check, B2 said no. "I was told by Toto Ronnie, then the operator in Bataan, that no funds were available for the check."

The Inquirer also spoke with a jueteng operator (or O1), who said he started paying officials in Metro Manila when Ms Arroyo came to power in 2001.

"[Jueteng operators] never gave money to Metro Manila [officials] during the time of [Corazon] Aquino and [Fidel] Ramos. During [Joseph] Estrada's time, I never operated jueteng because the operations were centralized under [Estrada crony] Atong Ang," said O1, who claimed to have stopped his operations in his province late in 2003 because he planned to run in the 2004 polls.

He was allegedly displaced as jueteng operator by Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda.

"It was only during the Arroyo administration that I started giving money for Metro Manila [officials]," he added.

Bicol take

B1 said he collected protection money from Art Katigbak, administrator of alleged jueteng lord Alex Tang in Camarines Norte province; Zaldy alias Tiger, administrator of alleged jueteng lord Tony Santos in Camarines Sur province; and Arvin Liao, administrator of alleged gambling lord Leony Lim in Sorsogon province.

He said that he collected an average of P35,000 a week -- or P135,000 to P140,000 a month -- from the jueteng lords in the three provinces; and that his weekly collections amounted to P7,500 in Camarines Norte, P12,500 in Camarines Sur, and P15,000 in Sorsogon.
B1 said he collected the money every 8th, 16th, 22nd and 30th of the month and delivered the money every following day to Espinosa's apartment.

He said he delivered more than P500,000 to Espinosa before he quit.

"I bring the protection money for Usec (Undersecretary) Espinosa right in the house he is living in with his common-law-wife Lily," B1 said.

According to B1, Espinosa -- or his wife when he was not at home -- would count the money in his presence and give him P3,000 or more for the delivery.

B1 admitted he had no proof that the protection money he gave Espinosa went to the President's husband.

"It is public knowledge that he is the front man of Mike Arroyo in Bicol. And that is what Usec Espinosa said -- [that the money was for the First Gentleman]," B1 said.

Meeting in 2004

B1 said his role started sometime in April 2004 when Espinosa gave him P1,000 for him to invite Katigbak to a meeting.

He said he thought Espinosa had wanted to meet Katigbak to put a stop to jueteng operations.

The meeting was held in B1's house and witnessed by his wife.

At the meeting, Espinosa asked Katigbak to give him the "breakdown or plantilla" of the Bicol jueteng operations, B1 said.

"Ibigay mo sa akin yan dahil ako ang binigyan ng blessing ni Attorney Mike Arroyo (Give me the breakdown because I was the one given the blessing of Attorney Mike Arroyo)," B1 quoted Espinosa as saying.

He claimed that Espinosa even said they should raise the protection money if Ms Arroyo won in the election.

B1 said they also met with jueteng administrators in the two other provinces and arranged for the monthly protection money.

The bagman said he would testify at the Senate inquiry because he finally wanted a stop to the illegal numbers game and the corruption it was breeding.

"I am willing to testify because I believe that our First Gentleman Mike Arroyo has a participation in this illegal game of jueteng," he said.


B2 also showed a ledger listing jueteng operators' supposed monthly contributions for the allowances of top police officials, allegedly including Philippine National Police Director General Arturo Lomibao.

"This is to give you an idea of how much jueteng money is going around," he said.

The ledger showed that as of March 2005, jueteng operators in at least 24 provinces were giving P19.6 million a month to Camp Crame officials through Gener David alias Boy Tangkad and Senior Superintendent Pat Hernandez, said to be assigned at the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

It also showed Ilocos Sur Governor Luis Singson as the jueteng operator in the provinces of Abra, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union, paying P1.93 million monthly.

It named the other local officials operating jueteng as Governors Armando Sanchez of Batangas, Jose Yap of Tarlac, Jesus Typoco Jr. of Camarines Norte, Luis Raymund Villafuerte of Camarines Sur, and Vice Gov. Mariano Cristino Joson of Nueva Ecija.

"The jueteng operators are there because either they are already well-entrenched as natives in their areas or they are close to the powers that be," B2 said.

Also named in the ledger was Bong Pineda of Pampanga, who is supposedly operating jueteng in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces of Pangasinan, Isabela, Pampanga, Batangas, Rizal, Mindoro and Albay.

Common knowledge

O1 said it was common knowledge among jueteng operators in the regions and provinces that the choice of police regional directors was made by Mike Arroyo, and that the regional officials wanted to please him.

"But I don't have any direct evidence concerning [the First Gentleman and jueteng operations]," O1 said.

He said that from the P9 million he "earned" monthly from jueteng in his province in 2001-2003, at least P1.4 million went to payoffs for national officials (both civilian and police), regional police officers and local officials.

The officials included "all of those in Camp Crame at that time," O1 said, adding:

"We didn't really deal with them directly, but if the protection money didn't really reach them, how come we were able to continue our operations quite easily?"

O1 said among the regional directors to whom he gave money was a ranking police official who was among those expected to take over as PNP chief before Edgar Aglipay retired.

"And if the money didn't reach the local officials in our areas, how come jueteng operations have yet to stop?" he said.

O1 identified Gener David, one of the resource persons whom Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel wanted invited to the inquiry, as the "universal courier" who collected jueteng money for distribution to "Camp Crame, DILG (Department of Interior and Local Governments), Intelligence Group, NBI (national Bureau of Investigation), etc."

Senate inquiry

B1, B2 and O1 would have been present at the Senate inquiry had it been held yesterday as scheduled.

But the inquiry was postponed after Pimentel demanded that Senator Manuel "Lito" Lapid, chair of the games committee, inhibit himself on grounds of conflict of interest.

According to Pimentel, Lapid cannot possibly conduct a credible hearing because he had served as governor of Pampanga where jueteng is rampant and has confessed to being a friend of Bong Pineda.

But Lapid refused to inhibit himself, and the other senators agreed that the inquiry would be conducted jointly with the public order committee chaired by Senator Manuel Villar.

Pimentel has listed 24 persons whom he wanted invited to the inquiry, including police officials, governors and jueteng lords.

B1, B2 and O1 are not in Pimentel's list.

But earlier during the discussion of the jueteng inquiry on the floor, Lacson said he knew of potential witnesses whom he identified as Mr. B, Mr. R and Mr. A.

Pimentel's list also includes anonymous witnesses, whom he listed as Mr. X and Mr. Y. With reports from Carmela Reyes, Ronaldo Dizon and Anselmo Roque, PDI Central Luzon Desk; Leoncio Balbin Jr., PDI Northern Luzon Bureau; Juan Escandor Jr., PDI Southern Luzon Bureau; Christine O. Avendaño in Manila


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