Thursday, May 19, 2005

Arroyo signs EO simplifying govt rules for investors

President Arroyo on Wednesday signed an executive order directing all government offices to simplify rules and regulations for potential investors interested in doing business with the government.

"I have signed just this morning (Wednesday) an executive order directing all departments, bureaus and offices including the government-owned and-controlled corporations under the executive department to simplify rules and regulations on reportorial requirements for doing business with [the] government," Mrs. Arroyo said in a speech at a business leaders' conference at the Manila Hotel.

The President cited two phases in implementing reforms in the government and strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit among the younger generation.

She said the first phase, which is the passage of measures that would generate P80 billion revenue annually, has already been implemented.

She said the second phase includes improving collections, privatization of assets in the energy sector, accelerating the crackdown on tax cheats and corrupt government officials and creating an investment-friendly environment.

Mrs. Arroyo said the selling of National Transmission Corp. and other energy sector assets must be completed this year.

She also lauded the Bureau of Internal Revenue for reaching record tax collections for April this year.

"We are more than one year ahead in our plan for fiscal consolidation," she said.

She added that infrastructure would also play an important part in the second phase of the reform measures.

In the same speech, the President called on the Economic Confederation of the Philippines to develop new entrepreneurs that would bring the country to greater heights and true path of economic growth.

"Only then can we expect the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit to truly take hold and go up the socioeconomic ladder and improve their lives," she said.

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