Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Education usec quits after criticizing Gloria

EDUCATION Undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz resigned on Friday, ending what he described as his seven-month ordeal at the Department of Education.

In a three-page letter to President Arroyo dated April 19, Luz scored what he claimed was the Arroyo administration’s preoccupation with political expediency.

At the same time, he requested the President to continue the long-term reforms he had put in place.

“My greatest regret now is that the education reforms we have worked hard to put in place may not survive this administration’s preoccupation with political expediency rather than genuine reform; with deal-making rather than development; as well as the lack of appreciation much less commitment to the rule of law and good governance.”

MalacaƱang had fired Luz in September last year for refusing to honor postdated checks from the President’s Social Fund to Zambales Rep. Antonio Diaz.

Diaz was among those who junked an impeachment complaint against Mrs. Arroyo, which was being hotly debated in Congress at the time the checks were released.

Luz was ordered transferred to the labor department but Luz appealed the decision, invoking his immunity to politics as a career executive service officer (CESO).

Luz pointed out that the CESO is a “mark of professionalism that even the president of the country cannot mess with despite her mistaken notion that career professionals ‘serve at her pleasure.’”

The Civil Service Commission junked the appeal.

In a separate letter to Education Secretary Fe Hidalgo, Luz said his stint in the department had been a “most fulfilling job and one which I would not think twice having done notwithstanding the circumstances of my leaving.”

Luz urged Hidalgo to continue the education reforms he started when he was with the department

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