Saturday, April 22, 2006

Iba town holds Paynauen Duyan festival, celebrates foundation day

By Recto Mangosing Adamos - PIA
Iba, Zambales (20 April) -- This town is jointly celebrating its Paynauen Duyan Festival (April 19-23) and its 359th Foundation Day. The events aim to entice domestic as well as international tourists.

Observance of foundation day was started last year, in an effort to rouse this "sleeping giant" of the Central Luzon Region whose innate nature beauty still untapped by commecral explorers.

The event highlights include: Search for Mutya and Lakan ng Paynauen 2006; a swimsuit competition at the Herra Beach resort; opening of the agro-indutrial fair featuring the products of this province like handicraft, mangos. and vegees; banca and balsa racing along the coastline of the South China Sea; and to top it all games intended for gays like basketball, volleyball. cineoke,and boxing not to make them a laughing stuff but to instill their being sportmanship and camarderie among themselves.

On Sunday, a mass wedding among couples to be offciated by the Saint Augustine Parish.

On the other hand, this is also a right time for the politicians, regional directors among government agencies to visti their constituents.

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