Monday, July 10, 2006


By Tonnette Orejas, PDI Central Luzon Desk

CAMP OLIVAS, PAMPANGA – Zambales Vice Gov. Ramon Lacbain II on Wednesday confirmed that a complaint was being readied against the son of Gov. Vicente Magsaysay who allegedly manhandled and threatened him during a public event in Masinloc, Zabmales, on June 27.

Lacbain said he had the incident recorded in the police blotter on July 2 in preparation for the filing of a case against Jesus Vicente Magsaysay, a director of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authroity.

Magsaysay, also known as JV, said “no such incident” happended during the town fiesta program at Sitio Balogo in Barangay Inhobol at about 11 p.m. on June 27.

“If he’s filing a case against me, I’m filing a case against him too for making up stories,” Magsaysay told the INQUIRER by phone.

Based on the vice governor’s statement, the Masinloc police report said Magsaysay sat beside Lacbain after the latter made his speech in which he said he could not match the P12,000 that the governor’s son gave as prize money that night.

Lacbain went on to say that he could not do that because the elder Magsaysay transferred the P3.5-million budget of the vice governor’s office to the governor’s office.

Just as Lacbain returned to his seat at the table reserved for the guests on stage, Magsaysay was said to have commented in Filipino: “You don’t know how to work along with the provincial board members. That’s the reason you don’t have funds. It’s not the fault of the governor.”

Magsaysay then sat beside the vice governor.

According to the report, Magsaysay used his left arm to clasp the neck of Lacbain. With his fist under the table, he also punched the vice governor several times in the stomach, the report said.

Lacbain told police that the governor’s son was drunk.

The report quoted Magsaysay as saying in Filipino: “Don’t put me on the spot. You’re causing me shame. I’m spending my own money and not the capitol’s money. You better be careful with your statements. Remember your loved ones.”

The report further said that Magsaysay did these “as if nothing was happening.” It added that he went on “squeezing “ the neck of Lacbain and “pressing [it] hard.” He also pressed hard the right arm of the vice governor, the report said.

Four companions of Magsaysay, identified as Dick Manikan, Larry Edano, Jason Malong and Julius Villamin, stood behind the two officials. The report did not say if the four men tried to intervene.

Magsaysay, according to the report, offered to give Lacbain P10,000 and challenged him to announce to the audience that it was the vice governor’s money. Lacbain did not take the money.

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