Thursday, July 06, 2006

Paradise along the coast

The presence of marine turtles or pawikan and the variety of marine life resurging in the underwater landscapes are strong indicators of Anvaya Cove’s inherent natural attractions. Both indicate that the coastal and marine life in this portion of the Bataan shoreline have remained unspoiled despite the fact that it is only a two-and-a-half hour drive from Metro Manila.

According to Chen Mencias, a consultant on sustainable tourism planning & environmental management, marine turtles will not breed in areas that have lost their natural integrity. In Anvaya Cove turtles still come ashore to lay their eggs.

Divers, according to Marly Laraya, Business Development manager of Ayala Land Premier’s Leisure and Lifestyle Communities Group, are altogether different species but they nevertheless are also naturally attracted to places where they are free to observe marine life. “Walls and crevices, lobster ledges and other very interesting coral-encrusted rock formations are some of the attractions offered by dive sites just off the headlands of Anvaya Cove,” Marly says.

Laraya recalls that in their search for the site for an ideal leisure community, Anvaya Cove officials sought out properties no more than 150 minutes from Metro Manila. She explains that property owners in leisure communities will generally not drive more than that stretch of time for a weekend out of town.

The team visited beaches south of Metro Manila as well but realized that few other coastal areas that close to the metropolis matched the beauty and quality of the Anvaya Cove beach. In addition, its proximity to Subic Bay Freeport assures residents and guests access to high-end amenities and services.

Mencias observed that the Anvaya Cove beach is endowed with coral gardens that may one day be declared a marine protected area. These coral havens will be enhanced for activities such as snorkeling, diving and glass bottom boat tours.

Just five minutes from the Anvaya shoreline, divers report the presence of large coral formations. During the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, these reefs like any other reefs in Luzon, were covered by ash. A recent exploratory dive, however, revealed that the coral reef had bounced back to life. Soft and hard corals are more abundant and creatures such as shells, reef fishes, starfish and even the multi-colored nudibranchs are present. Mencias said to hasten the recovery of the reef, enhancement activities such as coral transplantation and giant clam restocking may be done. These methods had been proven to help restore damaged reef areas.

The coral gardens of Anvaya Cove with the protection from destructive human activities and the implementation of reef enhancement have great potentials to increase fishery in the area and enhance tourism. Mencias, who is pursuing a master’s in environmental education and who taught scuba diving for 13 years, notes that this would be more feasible if stakeholders of the area will develop a sustainable tourism approach. “This simply means that the present needs of tourists and visitors would be addressed without compromising the needs of future generations of tourists. This results to destinations that last for generations,” she says.

Development plans for Anvaya Cove’s residential area and Beach and Nature Club would be low-impact and respectful of the natural terrain and ecosystems.

For more information about Anvaya Cove, please call 728-7000 or 892-3333 or visit Interested parties may also visit Anvaya Cove’s marketing showroom located at Greenbelt 2 Park (near Italianni’s and Segafredo), Ayala Center, Makati City.

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