Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Morong mayor in a shooting frenzy

BALANGA City, Bataan - Mayor Norberto "Burt" Linao Jr. of Morong, Bataan, reportedly fired his M-16 rifle and UZI submachine gun indiscriminately up in the air about 10 p.m. Thursday in front of his residence across the town hall and the police station.

Some residents allegedly scampered in fear after hearing the bursts of fire in the dead of the night.

Sources said the mayor allegedly felt aggrieved and disappointed after his deputy police chief, Inspector Ricardo Santiago, turned down his request to take under his custody a suspect in a rape case.

Linao allegedly failed to convince the deputy police chief that the suspect, Allan Villaluna, be turned over to the mayor’s office for custody. Villaluna reportedly went into hiding for three years and has decided to turn himself in to the local police authorities. He was allegedly involved in raping a 15-year-old girl from the mountain town.

Linao allegedly threatened Santiago of relief from his position. After the incident, Linao allegedly had the computer set and air-conditioning unit he donated to the police station confiscated. Even the water and power supplies were reportedly cut off.

Santiago confirmed on Tuesday to a local reporter that he did not give in to the request of the mayor saying "the wheels of justice have to take its course."

Local reporters said Linao could not be reached. Ernie B. Esconde - ABS CBN NEWS

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